APPOINTMENTS WITH A SPECIALIST:  Because we are staffed around the clock, you may call at any time to make an outpatient appointment with our board-certified specialists in surgery, dentistry, radiology/ultrasound and critical care; or residency-trained doctors in internal medicine and oncology.  Call us at (970) 800-1106.  No referral is needed, although we are happy to work in conjunction with your family veterinarian to provide the best coordinated care for your pet.  Consultations are generally available Mondays through Fridays. Generally speaking, consultations are preferred in the morning so that procedures can be scheduled for late morning/early afternoon.

Clients may complete our Client Information Form in advance to assist with check in.  It’s helpful for our doctors to have your pet’s records to review prior to the appointment.  Our Outpatient Appointment Form is available for your veterinarian’s convenience to summarize the case.  Forms can be faxed to (970) 712-5595 or emailed to [email protected]

APPOINTMENTS FOR EMERGENCY AND URGENT CARE:  Emergency and urgent care visits are available at all times, seven days a week.  If you wish to, you may call ahead at (970) 800-1106 to let us know you’re on the way, but it’s not necessary.  We are fully staffed with emergency personnel at all hours, ready for any emergency or urgent care needs you may have.  If you aren’t sure your pet needs to be seen, call us and we can help you determine your pet’s needs.  If you have your pet’s medical record, please bring it with you.  It may prove helpful to our emergency veterinarian.  Also bring your pet’s current medications and, if your pet has ingested any sort of toxin, please bring the packaging or container if you can.

Payment Policy

We require payment at the time of service. If further treatment is recommended, an estimate will be provided and reviewed with each client prior to diagnostics and treatment. In the event a patient requires immediate stabilization before an estimate can be written and approved, an emergency authorization will be required with approval for stabilization.

Once the treatment plan is approved for hospitalization or a procedure, a deposit will be required.  Deposits cover the low end of the estimated cost for the treatment plan.  Any remaining balance of the invoice is due when the patient is checked out of the hospital, or a refund is provided if service costs end up being less than the estimated low end.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express), Care Credit, and cash.   We do not accept personal checks.

To apply for Care Credit, visit this Care Credit link or call 1-800-667-0718.


At Four Seasons, one of our goals is to deliver the highest quality care at a reasonable and fair price.  We understand that costs for our pets’ care sometimes quickly rise and we empathize with the reality of medical bills.  We also must pay for our own pet’s health care.  We are here to support you through both the financial and medical decisions associated with your pet’s care.  Please let us know how we can be of further help in answering questions that may arise.

If Your Pet Is Hospitalized

After an initial evaluation of your pet, our doctor will discuss a diagnostic and treatment plan with you.

If our doctor recommends your pet be hospitalized for ongoing care, an itemized estimate will be provided and discussed in detail with you.  Working closely with you, our team will develop a plan that works within your means to best help your pet.  Tests and treatments will begin as soon as possible. Our doctors will keep you updated on test results and call you when there is a change in your pet’s condition.  In addition, your family veterinarian will be updated on your pet’s status and treatment. Your family veterinarian can also play an integral part in your pet’s treatment planning and continued care. Please feel free to call at any time, including through the night, for updates. Typically through the night, no news is good news.

Often, our emergency doctors and specialists participate in morning and afternoon hospital-wide case rounds, presenting patients to all staff members who will be working with your pet. We are all here to support one another.


Visitation can be arranged by calling us.  You are welcome to visit either in an exam room or cage-side, based on your pet’s condition and other activities that may be occurring within the hospital.

We strive to make every pet as comfortable as possible. We have a variety of cage sizes and locations throughout our hospital area. We are careful to take individual needs into account when choosing a temporary “home” for your dog or cat. We have a collection of high quality comforters, fleeces, cushions and pet beds, as well as special equipment to warm up or cool down the cages for your pet’s individual comfort.  Overnight, we like to dim the lights down if possible to allow for rest.

Vital signs are routinely monitored and recorded by our nurses.  IV fluid treatment and medications are administered according to the doctor’s orders.  During their stay with us, patients benefit from lots of TLC and enrichment, and are walked, fed and kept clean.  Highly trained, compassionate veterinarians and technicians are stationed within the hospital ICU area 24/7, so that your pet is never left unattended.  All of our cages are visible from all areas of the room, so your pet is never out of sight.  We encourage you to come see where your pet is staying while in our care; we’ll be happy to show you.

End of Life Care & Pet Loss Support

The loss of a loved pet can be an emotionally difficult time in our lives.  Just as we owe our pets a good life, so too do we owe them a good death.  Fortunately, we live in a community in Northern Colorado that offers a number of resources for pet end of life care and grief support.


As our pets age or become ill with chronic disease, their needs change.  For pets suffering from a host of maladies, there are many therapies currently available that can make them more comfortable. These include pain management, massage, acupuncture and laser treatment, as well as tools like portable stairs and ramps, toe grips, non-slip mats, and more.  Talk to your veterinarian about palliative measures to ease your pet’s suffering.  Some local veterinarians provide in home hospice care to make terminally ill pets comfortable in their last months, leading to either a natural death or humane euthanasia.

Hospice Providers

  • Argus Institute at Colorado State University  Trained veterinary student volunteers do home visits, offering nursing care, helping with end of life arrangements and providing grief support. The service is available for those living within a 30 minute drive of the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins.
  • Home to Heaven, in home hospice and euthanasia services provided by veterinarians focused on caring, not curing.  Through animal hospice, the dying process can be experienced with dignity, as the pet rests at home with its loving family.  Services are available along the Front Range from the Wyoming/Colorado border south to northern Denver.



There are many groups along the Front Range offering support for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet.  Colorado State University’s Argus Institute, established in 1984, is a seminal source of information, resources and counseling to support people grieving the loss of their pet. Please see the Argus Pet Loss Support and Resources page for more information about help that’s available in northern Colorado.



  • Pet People Help Support Service 1-888-271-8444


Fort Collins



  • Weld County Suicide Resource crisis intervention hotline  (970) 347-2120





If your pet dies naturally at home, there are resources available to help transport your pet for body care.  These services may be of assistance: