Four Seasons has a talented staff of customer care specialists, and our veterinary technicians have years of experience and training  in surgery, anesthesia, emergency medicine, diagnostic imaging, cardiology, internal medicine and dentistry. We are excited to have people from many walks of life, including some folks enjoying second careers in vet med.  Their unique skills and life experiences enrich the work we do here together.

We are currently looking to hire emergency technicians.  If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please contact us at [email protected] or at 970-800-1106.

Ann Zenisek, Human Resources Manager, a native of Colorado

Andrea Verdecchio, Client Service Representative

Meghan Heffron, Client Service Representative

Jane Snyder, Hospital Operations Coordinator, a native New Yorker

Colin Frazier, Client Service Representative, born in Zaragoza, Spain, but raised in New Jersey

Ilona Green, Communications Liaison, a native of Colorado

Tammy Erickson, Client Service Representative, a native of Nunn, CO

Carolyn Rasmus, Client Service Representative Lead, hails from Arizona

Alicia Serrano, Client Service Representative,

Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

Amanda Lampert, CVT, ER Tech Supervisor, a native of South Dakota

Kait Barmann, LVT, ER Lead Technician, originally from Illinois

Aja Norman, ER technician, a native of New Jersey

Alexi Archuleta, kennel assistant

Amber Hines, CVA, ER technician, a Colorado native

Annie Clark, CVT, oncology and imaging technician, another Colorado native

Ashley McCoumb, CVT, internal medicine technician, originally from Johnstown, CO

Brittany Gilmore, CVT, ER technician, from the hometown of North Mankato, MN

Bryce Berquist, CVT, internal medicine technician, a native of Colorado

Danielle Najera, ER technician

Debra Stephens, imaging technician, hails from Cambridge, England  

Denise Spraker, LVT, imaging technician, a native of California

Elizabeth Buswell, CVA, ER veterinary assistant, born and raised in Boulder, CO

Elysia Makaen,  surgery technician, comes all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii

Erin McNamee, LVT, ER technician, a native of Sarasota Springs, NY

Heather Karren, ER technician, from the hometown of Price, UT

Janet King, CVT, internal medicine technician, from the great state of CO

Jessica Bisgaard, LVT, oncology technician, from Washington Court House, OH

Jocelyn Axelson, CVT, oncology technician, a native of Colorado

Juliana Conway, LVT, ER technician

Kira Gregory,  kennel assistant

Lisa Jones, CVT, dentistry technician, born and raised in Colorado

Lisa Kafka, LVT, ER technician, hails form Illinois

Marie Wilson, CVT, internal medicine technician

Melissa Ballantyne, ER technician, originally from Pennsylvania

Melissa McCormick, CVT,  ER technician, born in Colorado

Nadia Postek, ER veterinary assistant

Rachel Greve, CVT, surgery technician, comes from Minnesota

Reve Vallejo, LVT, ER technician

Rona McElroy, AAS, CVT, VTS, surgery technician, born in Alberta, Canada

Roxane Rocks, AAS, CVT, surgery technician, a third generation Coloradoan

Sonya Baker, CVT, surgery technician, a Colorado native

Stephanie Darling, surgery veterinary assistant

Stephanie Dittman, ER technician

Taylor Curley, ER technician, hails from Arizona

Whitney Anderson, CVT, internal medicine technician, originally from Wisconsin