Four Seasons has a talented staff of customer care specialists, and our veterinary technicians have years of experience and training  in surgery, anesthesia, emergency medicine, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, cardiology and dentistry. We are excited to have people from many walks of life, including some folks enjoying second careers in vet med.  Their unique skills and life experiences enrich the work we do here together.  We also have staff with advanced training who have earned their Veterinary Technician Specialist certification in Anesthesia and Analgesia,  Emergency and Critical Care, and Dentistry.

Courtney H, Hospital Director, studied art,  spent 12 years in veterinary industry in WI and CO.  Wishes to implement eco-friendly initiatives at the clinic.  Enjoys the outdoors and yoga.

Katie K, Client Care Specialist

Abby S, Client Care Specialist

Jane S, Hospital Operations Coordinator; a native New Yorker

Spencer S, Client Care Specialist

Mariah H, Client Care Specialist

Stephanie P , Client Care Specialist

Ilona G, Communications Liaison; a native of Colorado

Maggie R, Client Care Specialist

Jessica C, Client Care Specialist

Isabela P, Client Care Specialist; a native of St. George, Utah

Elizabeth H, Client Care Specialist

Rebecca L, Client Care Specialist

Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

Debra S, Technician Supervisor and imaging technician; hails from Cambridge, England  

Rona M, AAS, CVT, VTS – anesthesia and analgesia, surgery manager/inventory manager; born on her family’s farm in Alberta, Canada. Credentialed since 2000.  Fulfilled rigorous Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) requirements in 2006.

Roxane R, AAS, CVT, Surgery Lead Technician; a third generation Coloradoan, earned CVT in 2001.  Interested in anesthesia and pain management and currently pursuing certification in rehabilitation as another modality to improve patient comfort.

Reve V, LVT, Emergency Lead Technician; from the great place of San Antonio

April M, CVT,  internal medicine lead technician; hails from Hereford, AZ, and is an avid horsewoman; has achieved Level 3 Fear Free certified professional and is  pursuing a VTS in clinical practice.

Adam A,  veterinary assistant – float

Alyssa M,  emergency technician

Ann B, float technician; born in Hudson, CO; with 13 years experience in vet med, currently a student to become credentialed technician; has special ability to wrangle “spicy” cats.

Annie C, CVT, oncology technician; a Colorado native.  Intends to become certified as a technician specialist.  Spends her free time playing board games and video games.

Brittany G, CVT, emergency technician; from the hometown of North Mankato, MN

Chelsey M, float technician

Christian F,  RVT VTS (dentistry), dentistry technician

Christine H, CVT, emergency technician, originally from the Bronx; raises exotic chickens at her home in Colorado but loves the excitement of the ER and problem-solving cases with doctors

Dan G,  veterinary assistant

Dani B, CVT, emergency technician

Danielle N, CVT, cardiology technician

Danny B, CVT, VTS emergency and critical care

Denise M, emergency technician

Denise S, LVT, imaging technician; a native of California

Ellie R, ER technician

Emily W, float veterinary assistant

Heather B, emergency technician

Janet K, CVT, internal medicine technician

Jess E, CVT, floater technician

Jessica W, CVT, emergency & oncology technician

Jocelyn A, CVT, surgery technician; a native of Colorado

Jordan T, veterinary assistant, currently a vet student at CSU with interest in emergency and critical care.

Juliana C, LVT, oncology & emergency technician; has worked in general practice, oncology and emergency.  Became a technician to repay all that animals have given to her.

Justin D, RVT, emergency technician

Katelynn K, veterinary assistant

Kayla D, ER technician

Kira G, CVT, emergency technician; born and raised in Fort Collins

Lillie O, radiology veterinry assistant

Lisa K, emergency technician; hails form Illinois

Meghan O, dentistry technician

Melissa M, CVT,  emergency technician; born in Colorado

Michelle P, CVT,  emergency technician

Rachel G, CVT, surgery technician; born in Minnesota; earned CVT in 2002.  Definitely a cat person!  One of her Egyptian Mau cats is a Supreme Grand Champion Regional Best of Breed Alter.

Rebekah H, emergency technician

Renee T, LVMT, internal medicine technician

Sonya H, CVT, surgery technician; a Colorado native, earned CVT in 2018 but has worked in field since 2013, volunteering in spay/neuter clinics.  Earned a BS in both Business and Animal Science and Biomedical Science.

Stephanie K, CVT, emergency technician

Vanessa C, emergency technician