Four Seasons has a talented team of client care specialists. Our veterinary technicians have years of experience and training in surgery, anesthesia, emergency medicine, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, and clinical pathology. We are excited to have people from many walks of life, including some folks enjoying second careers in vet med. Their unique skills and life experiences enrich the work we do here together. We also have staff with advanced training who have earned their Veterinary Technician Specialist certification in Anesthesia and Analgesia,  Emergency and Critical Care, and Clinical Pathology.

Administration & Client Care Specialists

Courtney H, CVPM, Hospital Director

Amanda M, MA, Leader of Wellness and Culture

Ilona G, Communications Liaison & Client Care Specialist

Jessica C, Client Care Specialist Supervisor

Jill V, PHR, Human Resources Manager

Larry B, Facilities Manager

Lillie O, Outreach Specialist

Abigaile S, Client Care Specialist

Allison L, Client Care Specialist

Darby W, Client Care Specialist

Elizabeth H, Client Care Specialist

Emma R, Client Care Specialist

Kaitlyn M, Client Care Specialist

Krista I, Client Care Specialist

Lilah C, Client Care Specialist

Pamela G, Client Care Specialist, Fear Free Certified

Veterinary Technicians & Assistants

April M, RVT,  Internal Medicine Lead Technician; Level 3 Fear Free Certified

Brittany G, RVT, Emergency Technician & Account Audit Specialist

Debra S, Technician Supervisor

Denise S, LVT, Radiology Lead & Safety Coordinator

Nicky W, RVT,  Oncology Lead Technician

Reve V, RVT, Emergency Technician Supervisor

Rona M, RVT, VTS (Anesthesia and Analgesia) Inventory Manager & Surgery Supervisor

Roxane R, RVT, Surgery Lead Technician

Allen C, Senior Emergency Assistant

Alyssa L, Emergency Assistant

Alyssa M, Senior Emergency Assistant

Amanda H, CVA, Emergency Assistant

Ann B, RVT, Cardiology Technician

Anna L, Senior Oncology Assistant

Annie C, RVT, Oncology Technician

Brooke L, CVA, Surgical Pack and Prep Assistant

Caitlan M, RVT, Radiology Assistant

Cat R, RVT, Emergency Technician

Chelsey M, Provisional Surgery Technician

Christine H, RVT, Emergency Technician

Dani B, RVT, Emergency Technician

Danielle N, CVT, Radiology Assistant

Danielle T, RVT, Emergency Technician

Danny B, RVT, VTS (Emergency and Critical Care), Emergency Technician

Ellie R, Provisional Emergency Technician

Francisco D, RVT, Emergency Technician

Hayden N, Surgical Pack & Prep Assistant

Heather P, RVT, Emergency Technician

Isabela P, Senior Emergency Assistant

Janet K, RVT, Internal Medicine Technician

Jess E, RVT, Emergency Technician

Jessica W, RVT, Emergency Technician

Juliana D, RVT, Oncology & Emergency Technician

Juri M, Internal Medicine Assistant

Kasaundra M, RVT, Oncology Technician

Katie K, Senior Emergency Assistant

Kendall B, RVT, Emergency Technician

Laure P, CVA, Cardiology Assistant

Laurel T, Provisional Emergency Technician

Lindsey P, RVT, Surgery Technician

Mandi R, RVT, Emergency Technician

Meaghan O, Senior Emergency Assistant

Melissa J, RVT, Surgery Technician

Michelle P, RVT, VTS (Clinical Pathology), Laboratory Technician

Olivia M, RVT, Internal Medicine Technician

Owen F, RVT, Emergency Technician

Rachel G, RVT, Surgery Technician

Renee T, RVT, Internal Medicine Technician

Sarah H, RVT, Emergency Technician

Sonya H, RVT, Surgery Technician, Fear Free Certified

Taylor B, RVT, Surgery Technician

Vanessa C, Provisional Emergency Technician

Zack E, Senior Emergency Assistant