The Women Who Started It All

Exactly who is taking care of your beloved pet when you come to Four Seasons?  When you entrust your pet’s care to us, rest assured, our team will work together to provide the absolute best approach for you.  That may mean anything from emergency surgery, overnight observation in the ICU, or, perhaps, sending them home for palliative care.  We work with you to create the plan that is right for your situation, your circumstance, and right for your furry friend.

We want you to get to know our staff so we’ll be introducing them here over time.  In veterinary medicine, only a select few go into a specialty and become board-certified in their field, and Four Seasons has a seasoned staff of board-certified veterinarians and certified veterinary technicians.  Our elite team is led by Dr. Jennifer Lowry and Dr. Tara Britt, the owners of 4SVS.

JenDr. Jennifer Lowry
makes her home in Fort Collins where she began her mobile radiology practice, Mountain Veterinary Imaging, in 1994.  MVI brought critical diagnostic expertise to family veterinarian practices far and wide, providing ultrasounds and echocardiograms to dogs and cats (and bunnies and ferrets) in northern Colorado.  Through the years, Jennifer has taught radiology both at CSU Veterinary School and at the University of Illinois.  She is a graduate of vet school at UC-Davis, and achieved her radiology internship and Master’s degree at CSU, becoming one of just over 400 board-certified radiologists in the United States.

The same passion Jennifer has for vet med, she brings to her music, gardening, skiing and biking.  Her three children share her hobbies (or she shares theirs).  She has two fun-loving dogs and a tail-less cat to round out her home.  If you chance upon a tour of 4SVS, you’ll notice Jennifer’s influence in the color scheme:  lots of rich purple hues.

Tara in hard hat


Dr. Tara Britt is an elite surgeon on the cutting edge as a member of ACVS, the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Vet School and continued her education with a surgical oncology fellowship at CSU.  With expertise in the latest surgical interventions, Tara believes treating each patient individually, and utilizes minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy when appropriate. Tara began Summit Veterinary Surgery in 2012 providing mobile surgery in Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland.

Whenever she can carve time into her schedule, Tara takes yoga classes, swoops downhill on skis, and keeps the garden free from weeds.  She has two beautiful daughters and a husband who is a veterinarian pathologist.


While they are busy being doctors during the day, and occasionally into the night when emergencies arise, both Jen and Tara emphasize the importance of finding balance in life for themselves and everyone on staff.  Together they have created a special place that is professional and safe and colorful and welcoming.  ~ Jane, May 11, 2014

4 Comments on “The Women Who Started It All”

  1. Connie Garcia

    We brought our male shih tzu into the hospital after he had gotten into a bottle of Ritalin and ate 13 pills. We had been camping around Carter Lake when this occurred and found the hospital using Google on our phone. The technicians, office personnel and Dr Vumbaco were all very caring, concerned and generally made us feel that he was, indeed, in the best hands. I have had animals all my life and have to say that this was one of the best hospitals/clinics that I’ve ever been to. At this time we live in Aurora, Co but will be moving to Greeley in about a year. I intend to use this facility for our needs on a consistent basis once we get to this part of the area.

    1. Jan Snyder

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We’re so glad you found us. An overdose of any prescription medication can be life-threatening to your pets so seeking vet care is always prudent. Having this happen while you were on vacation must have been especially trying. We’re very glad that you had a great experience with us and we hope all your pets continue to be healthy and happy. Should you ever need us in the future, we’ll always open, ready to help.
      Four Seasons Staff

  2. Curt olson

    Thurs 9 Feb I’m out training with my young yellow lab Ruger, great day. Fri the 10th he’s vomiting constantly ?? What’s going on this is not like him . My vet after 2 visits and X-rays suggest seeing 4 seasons …such a positive experience, a ultra sound determined a lodged object in the intestinal tract, so Sunday afternoon surgery. 13 feb he’s home doing very well. A big thank u to 4 seasons staff and especially Dr Laura, Dr Tara, Dr Marga. Ur feed back during his stay was special. You are a winning team so thank you from the bottom of our heart. You’ve blessed us.

    1. Jane

      We’re glad we could help! And we’re happy you’re able to have Ruger back with you just in time for Valentine’s! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us. Our team is very dedicated — and always available around the clock to serve our patients. We hope Ruger has a long, happy and healthy life with you from here on out!

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